Out-World Ministries

"Renewing Minds with the Gospel of Christ"


Out-World is a group committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and representing the culture of Hip Hop. The members of Out-World are all committed followers of Christ, some of whom are ordained ministers, and have a genuine love for hip hop culture.


Out-World has shared their gift with thousands across the country and impacted the lives of young people across cultural, economic, and racial lines. From the inner city to the suburbs Out-World has used their God given gifts to entertain and challenge audiences.  Out-World commands the stage at every given opportunity and gets the crowds undivided attention from the moment the first beat drops. Their songs hit home and speak with relevance to a wide variety of audiences even those who would no consider themselves hip-hop listeners. 


Whether they are encouraging our culture to take a hard look at the stereotypes and attitudes of the mainstream or calling out the injustice in our world and pointing people towards the God of justice, Out-World has one purpose. And that purpose is to make sure that when the music fades and the lights go down, no one leaves wondering if God is real and concerned about what is going on around them everyday.

Their ultimate goal is to make sure people encounter God in a very real way so that they can be transformed from mainstream culture's way of thinking and begin to change their mind about how they should live in this world. Out-World has a dynamic and energetic stage presence and never disappoints. If you are looking for a group that has that perfect balance of passion, charisma, talent, and ministry look no farther than...



Out-World's first album featuring hit songs We'll Go, Shake Dat Off and Who is He?
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Out-world's second album with guest appearances from Sho Baraka, D Major, OmeG.A, The Christian Bros and The Canaan Band.
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Solo project released by Cornell "Armour" Ferrill featuring the hit songs "I Got Christ" and "Please Forgive Me"
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This album was produced by the duo of Jonathan "Amen" Brooks and Chris "Example" Ferrill.  It featured popular songs such as "New Jeruz", "One Life to Live" and Da Christian Scenario feat. M.I.A3 and DJ Rock On.
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This mixtape walks through the themes of the movie the Matrix and helps to explain our thinking behind the Out-World mentality.  This album features our theme song "Out of This World" and the playful Chicago anthem "Chi-Town on Em"
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Cornell "Armour" Ferrill

Accomplished musician, writer, emcee and singer.  Cornell is the worship leader at Canaan Community Church and works for By The Hand Club for Kids in the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

Christopher "Example" Ferrill 

Singer, emcee, youth pastor and speaker.  Chris is the youth pastor at Canaan Community Church and the High School Director at By The Hand Club for Kids in the Englewood Neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

Jonathan "Pastah J" Brooks formerly known as "Amen"

Speaker, writer, artist, emcee and pastor.  Jonathan is the senior pastor of Canaan Community Church and a well-known writer and speaker discussing place based theology and the ministry of presence.  You can learn more at www.pastahj.com

Terence "DJ Rock On" Gadsden

DJ, speaker, hip-hop theologian, professor and pastor.  Terence is a former youth and worship pastor and is now works for University Ministries at North Park University.



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